Friday, August 30, 2013

Elimination Diet Update

Just in case I haven't mentioned it, I am back on my elimination diet. It's been 10 days with only two was corn on the cob with butter (I am not supposed to eat either of those) and some vegan gluten free pizza (tons of soy in it, I am not supposed to have soy either). Otherwise I have stuck to it. No exercise at all, drinking tons of water, and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night even if that means going to bed at 6 AM and sleeping until 2 PM. My summer schedule. =)

So far this what I have noticed:

1. ) My skin is clearing up, it's not completely clear, but all my acne is in the healing stage. What I have noticed more than that is the changes in the texture of my skin. My pores have shrunk noticeably in the cheek area. The amount of redness across my face aka rosacea has drastically reduced.

 2.) I have lost 5 lbs. Remember, I eat 6 times a day, so I am not starving. I am eating a very clean and healthy diet with no inflammatory ingredients or items.

3.) I've had no joint pains, no head aches, and no abdominal pain aside from when I cheated and ate the corn and the soy.

4.) Soy is MUCH worse for me than corn and dairy, but all of them cause symptoms. The corn and butter gave me a headache, and a sorta overall foggy feeling. The soy gave me horrible abdominal pain, a headache, joint pains, and it constipation.

5.) I no longer have to wear deodorant.  Random side-effect that I think is simply happening because I am drinking so much water and eating such a clean diet.

This diet is more of a lifestyle, and I have a ways to go before I know for sure what I can and cannot eat. My intuition tells me that I have leaky gut syndrome and candida. Once I get through this diet, I will be experimenting with the body ecology diet.

I feel that as a future health coach it is my duty to heal myself before I can do this work full-time. Right now I am focusing on weight loss and Tarot with my clients since I already have 10 plus years experience with weight loss coaching and 15 years dabbling with Tarot. And although I want to use these tools, weight loss coaching and Tarot, I also hope to focus more on digestive issues and the dietary theories that help those who are inflicted with them. So, this is the beginning of a long journey. I will update as I go and especially after I launch my health coaching blogs and websites.

This. Is. Me.

I have gone back and forth struggling between being "conservative" and "not conservative" for too long. I have worried about appealing to those who are conservative, especially since having a child. And the truth is, compared to many, I am, but deep down I am not.

I don't care about sex appeal, have no interest in partying, but I am attracted to the creative, the unconventional, and to non-judgement across the board.

It is hard to feel the stares from other moms, to see the judgement in their eyes when we walk in the room. My husband looks like he is in a band, and I appear younger than I am. Sometimes I have purple hair, or bohemian clothing, and I have tattoos. We live in a conservative neighborhood because it's clean, safe, and has an amazing school district. I want my daughter to have the opportunity to grow up in such a place. Yeah, it's pricey, and yeah, it's true, we do not fit in. But we are happy that our little one is lucky enough to live here. When we visit more "fun" parts of town I sometimes wish we could move, but then I see a drugged out weirdo walking down the street or notice how much cleaner our neighborhood is and remember why we live where we do. For our child.

So, we are staying put. But I am giving up on my self-imposed struggle. Who cares if I fit in? Who cares if they stare? Who cares if I have tattoos and want more? Who cares if sometimes my hair is purple or pink or blue? This is who I am. It is who I have always been. I have always had values, ethics, and morals, but I have always been "different", unconventional, and adventurous. This year I will focus more on striking the right balance between artist, musician, model, not conservative Lisbeth and supermom, straight-edge, conservative Lisbeth. And who knows, maybe I will even meet another mom like me in my neighborhood?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gypsy At Heart

I've always been a bit of a gypsy. It started long ago when I decided that school was not for me and instead took to traveling the country in unconventional ways.

Tonight, I talked to a longtime friend who I have known since I was sixteen. We dated at one point  and I traveled the country together. We went from coast to coast, living in our van, going to raves in every city, working all sorts of random odd jobs, exploring different towns, on our way to New Orleans where he checked out Tulane University. He had been accepted there for a liberal arts program. This is when I came across the island, fell in love, and decided to stay on-island instead of moving back to the mainland.

He was not at all shocked that I've pursued Tarot professionally. I met him shortly after I had been gifted my first deck at age 14. He told me, "Oooh, so you've finally decided to really dig deep into your gypsy ways?" And he is one to talk! He never went the conventional route even though he was a top student at all colleges he attended. Instead, he remained close to nature, living simply, and working different jobs. He once told me, "I just could never become a part of the machine that is corporate America." And he wasn't lying. Almost twenty years later he is still a hippie at heart.

Tarot, touring and traveling from city to city, road trips, and unconventional living have always been my style. I've finally settled down a bit since I had a child and especially since I moved to Portland because I love it here so much, but I will always have these traits deep down.

Monday, August 12, 2013


So many wonderful things are happening in my life. The Ace of Pentacles energy surrounds me at every corner.

Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work, so I am juggling, as I always do. But it works. This time I am making it so. Everyday: Visualizing. Manifesting. Magnetizing.

I set a number. It's a number that I focus on daily and then again at night before bed. I visualize it as reality. And I am halfway there, and in less than a month! It's been amazing thus far even with some hiccups. From the bumps come the lessons needed, yes? And they inspired me to search for new avenues, for the people that fit in my life on this journey. I found so much more than I ever could have hoped for.

The Fool's journey may be laced with naivety, but he is still blessed in his innocence. My intentions are pure, and I am protected. The Universe opened itself up to me like a blossoming lotus. And I am making things happen, even if at my own pace, on the physical plane. Yes, I know. Time management, yes? I need to master you. Someday?

The ideas come fluidly and with ease. This time I am cultivating my dreams. One day at a time, one dream or two as I go. Okay fine, I have like 50, but that's okay. It's the life of an INFP. And this time I am collecting my post-it notes and making them into a notebook, and it's organized. Almost.

Earthly news? My new camera, new personal website, new blog design, and new business website all coming soon! Stay tuned.

Air? My thoughts are still all over the place, until I sit down, tune into the energy of a client, and read. Then my train of thoughts become an assembly line working with flawless ease for results. School is going A-okay, and I am moving onto new territories and finishing what I started. Finally.

Water, my favorite, ever. I feel good. Some moments the air twists my head, but then reality causes me to feel what is really going on. And that's happiness.I am excited, sometimes afraid, sometimes doubtful, but ultimately I am grateful, brave, and willing to work hard. I feel great.

Fire, oooh fire, you are sometimes my nemesis. You drive me to a level of passion that can be a hindrance, but I've learned to tame you. My passion and drive is more focused. I am planning by keeping my fire under control. But oh yes, I have a TON of Wands energy going on right now!!